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Note: First, you need to download the imtoken wallet application from the Google App Market or search engine and install it on your mobile phone. After the operation is completed, please follow the steps below to complete the registration.

  The first step is to open the imtoken wallet  
  The second step is to fill in personal information (name-password-repeated password-password prompt answer-confirmation)  
  The third step is to select the currency (specially note that TRX must be added)  
  The fourth step is to read the relevant documents and confirm the next step  
  The fifth step is safety reminder (please make sure not to be photographed by others in the surrounding environment)  
  The sixth step is to back up the mnemonic phrase (you can directly take a screenshot, take a photo, or write it on paper). Pay special attention to it. The mnemonic phrase can prove the owner of the wallet.  
  Step 7 Enter the mnemonic phrase recorded in the previous step  
  The eighth step is successfully registered. Click on the three horizontal sign in the upper left corner (possibly the upper right corner) to enter and select TRX wallet  
  The ninth step is to enter the wallet option, please select TRX wallet (usually the red page)  
  The tenth step is to enter the TRX wallet (showing the following page means success)  

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