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First, you need to search the Ouyi APP in the Google App Market or search engine, download and install it on your mobile phone, and then follow the steps below to complete the registration and advanced real-name authentication.
The first step is to click on the upper left corner
The second step is to click to register and log in
The third step is to click on the upper right corner to register a new user
The fourth step is to choose your own country to register
Step 5 After registering, click on the upper left corner
Step 6: Click Identity Verification
The seventh step is to authenticate according to your own identity. You need to complete advanced authentication before you can trade.
Step 8: After the authentication is complete, return to the home page to select assets
The ninth step choose to deposit
Step 10 Search TRX
The eleventh step select TRX and copy the link below to imtoken wallet for recharge
Step 12 After recharging TRX, return to the home page to select assets
The thirteenth step select transfer
Step 14 Select TRX for the above currency, from capital account to trading account
Fifteenth step return to the home page to select the market
Step 16 Return to the home page and select Quick Buy Coin
The seventeenth step is to fill in the amount of USDT that needs to be purchased
Step 18: Enter the payment method selection page, select the payment method you think is convenient, and click Pay
The nineteenth step is to enter the payment confirmation page to the merchant. If you have already paid, please click I have completed the transfer below and wait for the merchant to release USDT to your account. Then your entire USDT purchase process is complete
Step 20 Click Transfer
Step 21: From a legal currency account to a currency account, select USDT as the currency, enter the transfer amount, and click Transfer

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