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common problem FAQS

Below are some of the common questions that we receive from the public and our users regarding MSC, our digital currency tokens, cryptocurrency in general and others. If you have any other questions and you cannot find the answer below, please feel free to contact us by filling in the enquiry form below.

Holding money to earn interest means that interest will be given and credited to members based on the amount of USDT currency stored in the member’s digital wallet. You will be earning interest simply by keeping the USDT currency inside your digital wallet. It does not and should not affect your normal use of your wallet, and you will have free access to your digital wallet without any restrictions.

Don’t worry, your invested funds and currencies are still stored and kept in the safety of your own digital wallet, and no other individuals or entities will have access to your funds.

Just join as MSC member, and you will start earning interest on the same day itself.

Every day by 00.00 Midnight (New York Time), the daily interest earnings of the day shall be generated and credited into your digital wallet.

The MSC platform system will automatically scan all member’s digital wallets to check the USDT amount four times a day, and the daily interest generated for the day itself is based on the largest amount detected among the four daily scans.

Since our establishment, our platform has received publications and news articles reporting on our venture and financial products. So far, there has been 56 different mass media around the world which has published or reported public news regarding MSC.

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