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MSC revenue model income

Msc teamed up with five major wallet groups: imToken, TokenPocket, BitKeep, Bitpie, and Tronlink to launch interest-bearing earnings
The meaning of holding currency to earn interest: does not affect the user's normal use of the wallet, free access, without any control, msc will generate different benefits according to the amount of usdt stored in the wallet.



Four characteristics income

Free access  low threshold  strong compatibility  open and transparent

  1. 1.There is no need transfer any balance from your digital wallet, and there is no restriction in access.
  2. Threshold of entry for joining the MSC platform is low, since there is no minimum deposit limit. Your earned interest is automatically generated based on your wallet balance.
  3. MSC platform supports all Tron blockchain encrypted wallets. MSC members who successfully applied for membership can start earning interest by depositing USDT into their digital wallet.
  4. The MSC Digital Token will be launched on 1st of March 2022, and it shall only be offered to MSC members during the private initial offering.
Amount Daily interest
0~5000 USDT 1.5%
5001~30000 USDT 2.0%
30001~80000 USDT 2.8%
>80000 USDT 3.2%

Remarks: Link your digital wallet to start generating interest returns. The daily interest earned shall be based on the highest balance inside the digital wallet on the day itself, and the interest shall be credited at 00.00 A.M daily. There is no need to transfer your digital wallet balance to the MSC platform, just register and link your digital wallet.

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